Palestra: “State Estimation in Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) Descriptor Systems”

05/07/2017 07:13

Palestra: “State Estimation in Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) Descriptor Systems”

O aluno de doutorado Carlos Rodriguez da USACH (Chile) está fazendo um intercâmbio no PPGEAS, sob orientação do Prof. Daniel Ferreira Coutinho, financiado pela Associação de Universidade do Grupo de Montevidéu  (AUGM).

Nesta sexta-feira, dia 07/07/2017, às 10:00, na Sala PPGEAS1, ele estará apresentando uma palestra intitulada “State Estimation in Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) Descriptor Systems”. A apresentação será de cerca de 45 minutos.


“State Estimation in Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) Descriptor Systems”

Abstract: Descriptor systems (also called singular systems, implicit systems) have attracted significant attention in the last decades to develop control and estimation methods, due to they can describe the dynamics of many practical systems such as power systems, chemical processes and robotics systems to mention a few. Up to now, several approaches have been developed to study issues of analysis and synthesis for these systems, in the frequency domain as well as in the time domain, both continuous-time and discrete-time. Whether in addition, descriptor system includes uncertainties (known LPV descriptor systems), the potentialities are majors, because systems with characteristics such as nonlinearities, time delays, among others, can be considered. In the work to be presented here, the focus is the calculus of ℋ2 norm of discrete LPV descriptor system via gramians, proposing parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions that can guarantee stability and performance and defined by means of polytopic structure. And the other hand, using similar methodology a stabilizing controller is presented, this results are applied to a numerical example. By last, future work is shown.

Biography: Carlos Rodríguez received your Eng. Degree in Instrumentation and Control in 1992 from Instituto Politécnico JIC- Colombia, Eng. Degree in Informatic in 1999 from Universidad de San Buenaventura- Colombia. Currently, he is a student of doctorate of the University Santiago de Chile. The topic of research is the state estimation in descriptor systems, especially those with uncertainty parameters in the system matrices.