Defesa de Exame de Qualificação – Cleber Jorge Amaral – 26/8/2019

19/08/2019 14:46
Defesa de Exame de Qualificação
Aluno Cleber Jorge Amaral
Orientador Prof. Jomi Fred Hübner, Dr. – DAS/UFSC


26/8/2019  14h00  (segunda-feira)

Sala PPGEAS I (piso superior)

Prof. Fábio Luis Baldissera, Dr. – DAS/UFSC (presidente)

Prof. Ricardo Azambuja Silveira, Dr. – INE/UFSC

Prof. Jaime Simão Sichman, Dr. – PCS/USP

Título GoOrg: Automated Organisation Design for Open Multi-Agent Systems
Abstract: An explicit organisational structure helps entrants in open multi-agent systems (MAS) to reason about their positions in the organisation for cooperating to achieve mutual goals. In spite of its importance, there are few studies on automatic organisation generatorsthat create explicit organisational structures. This study introduces oOrg, a proposal for automatic design of organisations. Our approachconsiders as inputs a goal decomposition tree (gdt) and user preferences. From the gdt with annotations such as necessary skills to achieve organisational goals, predicted workload and throughput, GoOrg creates roles in the form of an organisational chart. The main challenge is to define strategies to search the space of all organisational structures for those that can achieve the goals respecting constraints and taking into account user preferences. We can, for instance, prefer a flatter or a taller structure, more specialist or more generalist roles, and we can accept matrix connections or not.