Defesa de Dissertação de Mestrado – Gustavo Rezende Silva – 13/10/2020

14/10/2020 18:15
Defesa de Dissertação de Mestrado
Aluno Gustavo Rezende Silva
Orientador Prof. Jomi Fred Hübner, Dr. – DAS/UFSC
Coorientador Prof. Leandro Buss Becker, Dr. – DAS/UFSC
Data 13/10/2020 (terça-feira) – 10h





Prof. Jomi Fred Hübner, Dr. – DAS/UFSC (presidente);

Prof. Rafael Heitor Bordini, Dr. – PUCRS;

Prof. Carlos Eduardo Pantoja, Dr. – CEFET/RJ;

Prof. Eric Aislan Antonelo, Dr. – DAS/UFSC.

Título Active Perception within BDI Agents Reasoning Cycle with Applications in Mobile Robots
Abstract: In multi-agent systems the main process responsible for obtaining information about the environment is perception, generally this process is performed passively regardless of the agent’s internal state. However, especially when inserted in real environments, a frequent problem is that agents have partial perception of the environment, failing to perceive everything that is necessary. To circumvent this problem, a solution is to actively take actions to perceive what is of interest to the agent, instead of just passively perceiving what is available in the environment, for example, in a computer vision system, the camera can be repositioned to have a better view of an object. Thus, this work aims to develop an active perception model integrated with the reasoning cycle of BDI agents. Also, one of the goals is to test active perception in environments as close to real as possible, for this reason, an embedded architecture was developed that aims to promote the use of cognitive agents in cooperation with The Robotic Operating System to program the intelligence of robots. Experiments were performed using BDI agents with ROS to command unmanned aerial vehicles to analyze the benefits and impacts of using cognitive agents and active perception to program robot intelligence.