Defesa de Exame de Qualificação – Feres Azevedo Salem – 9/10/2020

14/10/2020 18:13
Defesa de Exame de Qualificação
Aluno Feres Azevedo Salem
Orientador Prof. Ubirajara Franco Moreno, Dr. – DAS/UFSC
Data 9/10/2020  (sexta-feira) – 8h30





Prof. Nestor Roqueiro, Dr. – DAS/UFSC (presidente);

Prof. Fernando José Von Zuben, Dr. – DCA/UNICAMP;

Prof. Eric Aislan Antonelo, Dr. – DAS/UFSC.

Título Contributions to Modeling Complex Networks of Agents with Evolving Behaviors
Abstract: This research aims to propose a generalized model for complex networks composed of agents with evolving behaviors, so that it is possible to simulate different systems and scenarios. The motivation comes from two main problems, whose dynamics are similar in some aspects. They are: the spread of fake news through online social networks; the spread of infectious diseases in susceptible populations. The model to be proposed will consist of two parts, one that concerns the way agents interact with each other and the other that details the behavior of each agent. For the first part of the model, what has proved promising so far is the use of complex network structures with variations in time. For the representation of agents, a model based on states and probabilistic transitions has been proposed, which requires exploratory research to determine the originality of the proposal. Some contributions have been made so far, being divided into three articles. These preliminary results are presented, along with others not yet submitted. Finally, the work plan for the remainder of the doctorate is presented, which has a period reserved for collaboration with an institution abroad during a international research stay.