Master’s Program


The Graduate Program in Automation and Systems Engineering aims to generate knowledge, propose and develop methods, techniques and tools for modeling, designing and implementing automated systems in diverse areas of application. The Graduate Program attracts prospective students mostly with background in engineering but also students with other degrees in science and professionals that seek to strengthen their abilities in automation and systems engineering.

The graduates will develop a multidisciplinary knowledge, with strong technical and scientific background in the control, instrumentation, automation and computational systems amid an enriching environment that fosters innovation and critical thinking. Such development will empower the graduates to generate, disseminate and transfer scientific and technological knowledge in automation to academia, industry, and society alike. The alumnus will be qualified to purse both academic and professional careers.

The methodological abilities developed in the pursuit of the degree will enable the graduate to engage in activities related to the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of automated units, and also prepare for advanced research in the pursuit of a Ph.D. degree in automation and systems engineering.

Aiming to attract prospective candidates with distinct time constraints, professional experience and needs, the M.Sc. Program is offered in two regimes: full and part enrolment:

  • The full time regime is for candidates that are fully and exclusively dedicated to the Master’s Program;
  • The part time regime is targeted at professionals who have jobs and can dedicate part of their time to graduate studies.


The total number of credits required for the M.Sc. degree is 20 credits in course work  (1 credit corresponds to 15 class hours) and 6 credits obtained from the dissertation research.

Time to Completion

The M.Sc. degree is expected to be completed in 24 months.

Admission Policy

The admission to the Master’s Program is annual. The selection process takes place three months before the start of the academic year (March), which is based on an analysis of the academic records of the prospective students. For part time candidates (which is targeted at professionals that carry out other activities, with the exception of education professional), the selection considers a research project for the M.Sc. dissertation besides the academic records.


The number of new students admitted to the M.Sc. Program by the selection process is 32, out of which 8 candidates are admitted in the part time regime.